SEA Region

08/03 SEA patch notes - Militia and 300 day event!

Published Monday, 07 March 2022

The Militia faction is finally here! Lee Yuri and her friends join the SEA server. Also, there's 300 day event and other goodies!

08/03 New Content in SEA

  1. [Operation] New Event Episode: The Militia, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Event] 300th Day Event Mission Starts! Clear all event missions to get SSR Testimonial!

  3.  [Operation] New Challenge: Chloe's Credit Search Unlocked!

  4. [Employee] The Militia: Lee Yuri, Choi Jihoon, and Kang Minwoo Debut!

  5. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Choi Jihoon!

  6. [Attendance] 300th Day Celebration Punch In! (2022-03-08~2022-03-28 04:00)

  7. [Attendance] Tier 7 Celebration Special Supplies! (2022-03-08~2022-03-22 04:00)

  8. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Lee Yuri Probability UP!

  9. [Recruit] Normal Recruitment—Rita Arsenico & Replacer Knight Probability UP!

  10. [Recruit] Operator Recruitment—Lena Mackenzie & Moneka Probability UP!

  11. [Skin] Pumpkin Night Skins Release!

  12. [Shop] Added Weekly Coin Charge, Step-up Quartz Package Step-1/2/3.

  13. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

The Militia

The Counter killer squad is here! Lee Yuri, the leader and executor will be the next banner employee, while her friend, the sniper Choi Jihoon will be available in the Battle Pass. Kang Minwoo, the shield of the squad, is a free SR that you can get from the event.

Let's discuss Lee and Choi kits to see if it's worth getting them.

Lee Yuri

Lee Yuri is an anti-counter unit that not only does 40% increased damage to them, but she can instantly kill 2 counter units that are below 30% HP with her ult. The skill combined with her low cost makes her top tier in PVP. She is often used in Soldier teams with Kang Minwoo.

She's average in PVE beside Shadow Palace (because counters as PVE enemies are found mostly there).

Should you pull? If you love PVP, yes. Otherwise, she's a skip.

Choi Jihoon

Choi is a sniper who has pretty low damage but provides tons of utility to the team.

In PVE he's mostly used as a buffer or in Shadow Palace to perma seal enemies there (they're not bosses, so it works on them). If only his passive skill worked on bosses he would be perfect for Guild Coop, but sadly it only silences normal enemies.

In PVP he is often used to counter A.Yuna, A.Shiyoon, A.Na Yubin, and other frontline Awakened units because he can perma seal their skills which makes them far easier to kill. Also, his backline enhanced attack deals pretty well with Snipers like Replacer Queen that love to hide behind everyone else.

Should you but the BP? If you love PVP, yes. Otherwise, similar to Lee, he's not really that good in PVE.

300th Day event

It's been already 300 days since the game was released in the SEA region! Sadly, while we're still getting nice rewards and calendars, there's no free pull event. Why? Because in the KR region when 300 days celebration was held, it was just before Christmas and they got a free pull banner then.

Sadly it seems SEA publishers didn't change anything and we're not getting the free pull banner either.