KR Region

06/12 Patch Notes in the KR region

Published Monday, 06 December 2021

The patch notes for this week's update in the KR region are out and honestly, they're pretty bare. Still, a new Challenge was added and it looks pretty exciting!

Seems that Challenges will rotate every few weeks and considering that they give nice rewards, it's a pretty great addition to the game. This week in the KR regions two Challenges were launched, one new and one old one.

Challenge Mode: [Anastasia's Maintenance]

The Enhancement materials Challenge mode is back right on time because next week Relics will be released and you will need tons of them to upgrade all the shiny new gear.

Challenge Mode: [Anastasia's Maintenance - Tuning Binary]

This is a new Challenge and it's limited like the info one - but even then it should give a nice amount of Binaries.

Besides the Challenges, this week in KR is pretty dead and there's nothing new - even the banners are reruns (Awakened Shiyoon and Replacer Queen if you play on KR and want to get them).

Still, next week's patch is going to be juicy with Orochi joining the game and T7 being released. You can find more info about both in our previous posts!

Source: Nexon Forum