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06/07 Global Patch Notes - Awakened Yuna is here!

Published Tuesday, 05 July 2022

The first update in July brings a lot of new stuff: Witch's Legacy event, Awakened Yuna, Serapel, Harab, Operator Sigma, and new skins!

Maintenance schedule: 7th of July, 2022 16:00 ~ 18:30 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: 7th of July Patch Notes.

New Event - Witch's Legacy

This event tells the backstory of Yuna, so if you're interested in learning how she Awakened you have to play through it. The event comes with a shop, so even if you aren't interested in the story, fully clear it.

New Awakened Employee - Solar Codex Yuna

Awakened Yuna is classified as a Striker who in reality is a tank/damage dealer/summoner/debuffer/dispeller hybrid. Honestly, they packed so much in her kit, you could split it between two or three other employees and they would be considered good on their own. Oh, and let's not forget about Rayleigh - the annoying bird deserves a SS rating across the board. Not only his damage is great, but he also harasses the backline with his attack and debuffs.

Yuna is basically a one-man army that doesn't even need a tank in front of her because she will heal up to full after using her skills. Her aura that deals %HP damage to anyone close to her gets stronger as enemies gain more levels because their HP pool gets massively inflated later in the game and she will just melt them slowly over time. Also, she will carry new players through the Story, all Events, some parts of Challenge Mode, and most importantly Shadow Palace (where to this day, you farm Best-In-Slot gear for most Soldiers and Mechs) which is why she's often recommended for them as the first Awakened employee they should get.

However, she has pretty hefty downsides too.

In stages with just a single enemy (Raids and Danger Close), she's only good for new players that lack better employees and gear. In Guild Coop, she's only used as a left-side ship defender that can easily deal with mobs rushing the ship and her damage is negligible against the worm. Also, in more recent endgame PVE game modes such as Dive 50 and Relic Dungeons, her kit simply doesn't work anymore, as she's often one-shotted making her self-healing useless.

This makes her more of an early-mid game carry unit rather than an endgame unit, but she is still worth pulling nevertheless because of how long she will carry before falling off.

In PVP, while she sounds good on paper with her buff block, backline attack, and self-sustain, she has many counters, such as Xiao Lin who can kill her in a flash before her self-heal saves her. This makes it so that while she is hard to use, she has the potential to be a very strong unit - especially with the Albion ship's stealth.

Check her full review and ratings on her profile: Awakened Yuna.

Is she worth pulling?

It's up to you.

While she is the best early game carry in the game and will help you progress through Shadow Palace, Challenge Mode, and various events, eventually you will start benching her in favor of other Awakened Employees (like Ministra or Replacer Queen). Still, those two won't be here for 5-7 months.

As for PVP, she dominated the JPN Gauntlet for around 2-3 months after her release and was banned a lot during that time. We're assuming the same will happen in the Global server. Even back in SEA, she reached ban level 4 twice in the first two months after her release.

Also, before you pull her, check the reviews for the Awakened Employees to be released in the Global Server after Yuna:

A. LSY is the best anti-air employee in the game, who to this day is meta in PVP. In PVE she's top tier in Guild Coop but besides that she has niche uses in stages with a lot of air enemies.

A. Na Yubin is terrible in PVE and only good in some events and stages that were designed to make use of his kit, but same as ALSY he's really strong in PVP to this day.

New Employee - Serapel

Serapel is a masochistic tank that loves pain so much, she gets stronger when she gets hit and she saves her allies by taking damage instead of them. On top of that, she can heal herself (which is rare for a defender) and deal damage to everyone on the battlefield in PVP.

She's one of the best SSR Defenders in the game and when you take her into any PVE game mode, she will keep your backline alive. In PVP, she is the best defender for camping decks because of her slow movement and lack of knockback abilities, alongside her map-wide enemy burn, she strongly helps in slowly decimating the enemy's team.

Check her full review and ratings on her profile: Serapel.

Should you pull her?

if you're focused mostly on PVE and just doing PVP for fun and if you've already invested in Lee Yumi (or prefer her design over Serapel), you don't have to. Just keep in mind that thanks to Serapel's kit being more support-oriented, she works better with lower gear investment. Still, because she's 4-cost, compared to Lee Yumi's 3-cost, in modes where every point matters, Lee Yumi often is chosen over Serapel.

As for PVP, for at least a few months Serapel and Lee Yumi should alternate bans and you will be forced to use the other when one of them will be banned - simply because there are no other choices for the Defender spot. Still, once other SSR Defenders are released - like Horizon and Overflow - this will change, and while Lee Yumi's popularity will fall, Serapel will always remain popular. That's because no other Defender is as good as her in camping teams.

New Employee - Harab

Harab is a pure PVP employee that's the biggest nightmare of Soldier mains and low-cost employees. That's because of her ability to Confuse any summoned and 2-cost unit. What does Confusion exactly do? Well, it basically makes them switch sides, so with one swing of her whip, she can totally ruin your day.

Sadly, Confusion isn't that good in PVE and because of that, she's mainly used in PVP.

Check her full review and ratings on her profile: Harab.

Should you pull her?

If you like PVP, she's a must for some weeks to disrupt the enemy by mixing up their low-cost units and summons, especially that Awakened Yuna is arriving tomorrow as well - Rayleigh, Yuna's phoenix, is a summon that Harab can confuse.

New Operator - Sigma

The non-cancelable shield and the Role ADV bonus damage Sigma provides is a great combination that works well with every team in PVP - soldiers, counters, and mechs. This combined with easy skill trigger order makes her the best operator for PVP alongside Serina.

Still, she's super dupe-hungry. You want her at 8 level to make use of the 20% Shield because the 6% one at level 1 vanishes too fast.

Should you pull her?

As with all other operators, don't pull on her banner (unless you're a spender and/or have a lot of spare pulls), instead slowly build her up by buying her from Planet Mall.

New Skins - Pumpkin Night

Six new skins will be added to the game! They're Halloween-themed, but that's because Awakened Yuna was released in October in KR.

Go to our Skins page and filter by Pumpkin Night to display the skins and check their full designs.

New Counter Cases - Strega

The witches of Café Strega will be the next faction to get Counter Cases for themselves.

New Challenge Stages - Act 4

Challenge act 4 is here! You face the Future at War and Cronenworth Puppet Troupe in this challenge. Here, you win Set Binaries and Counter Challenger gear, which increases Special Skill DMG on the Challenger Hands and reduces incoming Special Skill DMG on the Challenger Case!

Blue Bridge MK2 ship was added with CM4 to the SEA region so there's a chance it will be the same for Global, but it's not 100% confirmed. We will have to wait for tomorrow.