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05/09 KR Patch Notes - new employee and hanbok skins!

Published Monday, 05 September 2022

New Mech/Soldier hybrid, Hosua, and hanbok skins for Replacer Queen and Awakened Jake are the highlights of this patch!


  • Type: Mech / Soldier

  • Role: Ranger (Fury)

  • Deployment cost: 2

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Attacks the closest target with her Shotgun. When an enemy approaches her, slashes him and knocks him back.

Passive - Attack Mode Transformation

When HP reaches 60% for the first time, jump back and switch to Attack Mode, instantly resetting the cooldown of Special Skill. In Attack Mode the damage of the Basic Attack is slightly reduced, but it gains a hit-stun effect.

At level 5, Basic Attack gains +1 Valid Hit in Attack Mode.

Special - Rain Becomes Snow - 11 hits - 3 valid hits

Fires a beam from her eyes, dealing AOE Damage. Damaged targets have their Anti-Melee DMG reduced by 20% for 12 seconds.

At level 5, gains 15% ASPD for 8 seconds after casting the skill.

Passive - AI Network Access

Gains permanent immunity to hit-stun from Special attacks and lower. Gains 1% Anti-Ranged DMG with each Basic Attack (stacks up to 20 times, can't be dispelled).

At level 5, gains 1.5% Anti-Ranged DMG with each Basic Attack instead.

Here is her full design:

New skins

Replacer Queen - By A Hair's Breadth - 2080 AC
Awakened Jake - Travelling Incognito - 1600 AC

Balance changes

Levia Tanis

  • Fixed a bug where in the Gauntlet, her ultimate, instead of doing 5% of the enemy's current HP as extra damage, was doing 50%,

  • Changed the 5% extra damage to 15% in the Gauntlet - because, after the fix that made it work correctly, her damage was underwhelming, so they buffed it to 15%.