SEA Region

05/07 SEA Patch Notes - Lucid joins the battle!

Published Tuesday, 05 July 2022

Small update this week with a new event and Lucid being released.

05/07 SEA Patch notes

  1. [Operation] New Event Episode: Hearing You Unlocked! (The episode will not be included in the Collection)

  2. [Challenge] New Challenge: The ALT Squad Is Here!

  3. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Lucid Probability UP!

  4. [Recruit] 50 Consecutive Free Recruits! (5 Free Recruits a day, up to 50 Free Recruits during the event!)

  5. [Shop] Added Basic Training Growth Package, Advanced Training Growth Package & Salary Negotiation Growth Package

  6. [Shop] Added Weekly Resource Package.

New Employee - Lucid

A small surprise here, because Lucid was a Battle Pass unit in the KR region. Here's her review:

Lucid summons two CO - one air, one ground - and focuses on buffing them. Her biggest downside is her cost and stats - she's really squishy and a stray car can kill her. Still, the CO she summons hit like a truck with their 11k and 7k ATK. Especially the flying CO is annoying as he stays in the back close to Lucid while bombarding enemies.

Sadly, she's just too squishy to be used in PVP. You can easily Kang her and you've just basically wasted 5 cost.

As for PVE, while her damage is pretty good, it's not good enough to make her worth using over other characters as they do more damage while being cheaper, for example, Xiao Lin or Kestrel Xiao Lin.

Should you pull her? Not really, but she is confirmed to receive a buff this month in KR.

New Episode - Hearing You

This is just a small event without a shop that will introduce Lucid.

50 Free Pulls event

It's the same event that was recently run on the Global server.