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04/08 Global Patch Notes - Ifrit and PVP rework!

Published Wednesday, 03 August 2022

This week's patch notes bring us three new employees, a new operator, Strategy PVP rework, and a lot of QOL changes!

Maintenance schedule: 4th of August, 2022 16:00 ~ 18:30 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: 4th of August Patch Notes

New employee - Ifrit

  • PVE: SS

  • PVP (in Global): SSS

Ifrit is an extremely powerful Mech unit. She can do crazy amounts of damage which combined with her low cost and the ability to hit Air units allows her to shine in any PVE game mode. Ifrit is that good that the top Danger Close players raise two copies of her to 110 level, so she can be used on both bosses every season.

In PVP, not only does she delete any frontline but she's also able to take some hits herself, being able to somewhat keep Spira and Ingrid in check, making her almost mandatory when off ban. But watch out! Don't level her barrier passive to level 5 or Awakened Na Yubin will literally delete her on deploy.

Should you get her? Yes, yes, yes! Of all the employees released in August, she's the best and a must-have. Just be aware that once Awakened Na Yubin releases, her PVP rating will drop to SS, as he directly counters her.

New employee - Estaque

  • PVE: D

  • PVP (in Global): C

Estaque is a unique sniper that constantly attacks the furthest target in her range. Still, she moves very slowly and also it takes her a lot of time to dig in and deploy her cannon before firing, which makes her a bit tricky to use - even if the animation speed was buffed recently, it didn't help her much. Her attack speed also isn't that impressive leading to her DPS being on the low side compared to other 4 cost snipers.

Should you get her? No.

New employee - Tarrasque

  • PVE: S

  • PVP (in Global): B

Tarasque is a great SR rarity PVE unit. Just the fact that she debuffs 20% of DEF on her basic attacks with full uptime even with some ASPD debuffs for only 3 cost is already great, but the devs also slapped on a respectable amount of damage on it - and 3 valid hits, letting her clear waves of weak enemies if geared well.

She's mostly used in Raids and Danger Close where DEF debuff is a staple. In PVP though, she's not really to be seen anywhere.

A bit of warning: while she's a great employee, she will only be available on Estaque banner who is a terrible employee. Pulling for SR employees is a bad way to use your Blue Tickets, so it's better to wait for when they are added to the general pool and hope they spook you.

New operator - Moneka

Moneka is made to counter EVA-based teams in PVP, but the thing is, EVA isn't really that popular, and sacrificing the operator slot only because of that is pointless. Her skill also lasts only for 5 seconds and the duration doesn't increase even when you level it which makes it even more useless.

Even the addition of Perfect Evasion to the game which Sure Fire counters, wasn't enough to make her popular.

Rerun banners

Awakened Mina is getting her first rerun!

If you love PVP and you skipped her, now you hate her with passion as somehow in the Global server she is a way bigger menace than she ever was in SEA and KR. So now you got a chance to pull on her, but beware - Awakened Na Yubin will be released later this month.

Strategy PVP rework

Check the patch notes for details as copying them over here will be pointless. Overall the rework makes the mode more exciting, but at the same time more challenging. If you hate PVP, you can still easily do your details and call it a day, but for those that hate RTA and wanted to play PVP in a more competitive way, the rework should allow them to do that.

Overall, in the KR server, while the players loved the new version of Strategy PVP, the RTA version has suffered because of it - as a lot of players stopped playing RTA and instead only focus on Strategy.

QoL changes

Tons of quality of life changes that were introduced recently on the KR and SEA servers will be released on the Global tomorrow! Check the official patch notes for details.