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04/07 KR Patch Notes - Strategy Battle rework, new EE and other improvements

Published Monday, 04 July 2022

Second patch notes blog post for today. Strategy Battle rework details and other changes are inside.

New Exclusive Equipment

Four new EE have been added to the game:

  • Benedict Constantine - Aux Slot - HIT main stat - Melee DMG Res fixed prefix,

  • Cindy Looper - Weapon Slot - ATK main stat - Skill Haste fixed prefix,

  • Claudia Nelson - Armor Slot - HP main stat - Skill Haste fixed prefix,

  • Biblide - Weapon Slot - ATK main stat - Attack Speed fixed prefix.

Strategy Battle Rework

Most of the information about the Strategy Battle rework was revealed a week ago and you can read about it here.

Rank Points = points that affect your rank on the leaderboard.

Gauntlet Points = the currency you use to buy items from the Gauntlet Shop.

  • The attacking side can manually control its team now.

  • Winning Streak Bonus has been added - up to 45 additional points,

    • The bonus is only available in Gold 3 - Challenger 1 ranks,

  • The defending side receives Increased Deployment Points Recharge buff,

  • The Bans and Ups system will be applied to Strategy Battle too - but only for the defending teams:

    • The ban system is activated after crossing the 1000 points rank,

    • The up system is always active, no matter the rank.

  • 30 Gauntlet Points are obtained for a successful defense, but only for the first 5 defense wins each day,

  • 10 Rank Points are deducted after losing a defensive battle, but only for the first 10 defense battles lost each day,

  • NPC Battles are added. Challenge NPC that are split into tiers and get stronger as you progress through them. Details:

    • you need to defeat all NPC teams in a tier, to unlock the next one,

    • there are 8 tiers in total,

    • you gain 75 Gauntlet Points for wining and 50 Gauntlet Points for losing,

    • after reaching 1500 Rank Points (Gold 2), you no longer can obtain Rank Points through NPC battles,

    • Gauntlet Points can be obtained always, no matter the rank,

    • NPC Battles aren't available from 10 PM on Sunday to 4 AM on Monday,

    • NPC Battles don't affect the winning streak bonus,

    • NPC battles don't consume Strategy Tickets.

  • Revenge Battles are added:

    • you can check who attacked and defeated you in the new Revenge tab,

    • only up to 20 last defeats are stored there,

    • you can launch the revenge battle against the same user only once a week,

    • if you win the revenge battle, you receive the Rank Points you lost initially,

    • if you lose the revenge battle, you will lose even more Rank Points.

Improvements and changes

  • In the higher tiers of Ranked Arena (Challenger 1-3), if you have a lower rating than your opponent, you will lose fewer points now after being defeated:

    • Before: up to 45 points,

    • Now: up to 25 points.

  • The Ranked Auto-Battle option in settings has been changed to Gauntlet Auto-Battle - this way it will apply to both Ranked and Strategy PVP now,

  • The option to adjust skill effect transparency has been added to the Graphics Options tab,

    • not all skills will be affected by the option for now.

  • The lobby has been improved:

    • Increased the number of saved presets from 5 to 10,

    • Increased the number of units placed inside the lobby from 5 to 6,

    • You can change the order of units by touch & drop now,

    • Lobby music will also be included in the saved preset now,

    • You can preview the lobby before saving it,

  • Added Trophy Tab to the Management screen:

    • up to 500 Trophies can be saved there.

  • Improved the Red Dot behavior on Shop screens:

    • Red = free product that can be purchased for a limited time,

    • Orange = new and recommended products,

    • New products will be now highlighted inside the tab.

  • Added Raid Boss Guide for both Raid Bosses and Guild Coop boss that contain tips that will help fight them,

  • Entering the Consortium screen will automatically mark your attendance for that day,

  • Six new Battle Effects have been added: Stealth Detection, Immortality, Silence, Execution, Dispell and Invincibility (the image below is missing the last one),

  • Operators now use voice lines when in battle (for example: when the skill is ready, when max deployment resources are reached),

  • If your opponent in Ranked and Friendly Battles is still loading, a "Waiting for your opponent' message will appear on your screen,

  • When Pausing the battle, skill cooldown and the remaining buff times won't decrease; also the HP and Stamina reductions/increases won't work,

  • Charlotte's skill, Vanguard, visuals have been improved,

  • 9 new employee interactions in the dorms have been added.