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02/08 SEA Patch notes - Gremory's bar!

Published Tuesday, 02 August 2022

This week's update brings us a new event, new character, Strategy PVP rework and balance changes!

02/08 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] New event episode: Gremory's Bar, event missions and shop is unlocked!

  2. [Side Story] Old Fear is back! Complete the hard mode to get Rivet Unit Data!

  3. [Challenge] Old Administration Training Method is unlocked!

  4. [Voice] Now you can hear the Operators’ voice in the battle!

  5. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Gremory Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] New Operator Recruitment—Momo Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Yamata no Orochi, Replacer Knight & Replacer Bishop Probability UP!

  8. [Recruit] Operator Serina Crew & Kim Hana Probability UP!

  9. [Shop] Gremory's Bar Interior Set is for sale!

  10. [Shop] Added Basic Training Growth Package, Advanced Training Growth Package, Salary Negotiation Growth Package & Weekly Resource Package.

  11. Shop] New Background: 1st Anniversary Party is available at the Exchange Center.

  12. [Shop] Added Maze Gear to Gauntlet and Danger Close Seasonal Shop.

Optimization and Balance changes are quite extensive, so check them in the game.

New employee - Gremory

Gremory is a very unique employee that instead of a Special skill, has two passives as a Counter type. She is a paratrooper which means, she can be deployed further down the field where her two passives can be activated at the same time. Honestly, she seemed like a meme unit but is quite overtuned in pvp

Her on-deploy effect creates a potion that deals damage over time and continuously reapplies sleep even after they take damage - effectively making this a stun that allows her to freely attack the backline. Due to it being a pretty much instant interrupt, she can be easily deployed to cancel special skills and even ultimates

Oh and, she will pretty much tank for perfect evasion duration if not stripped of her buff, as enemies are not only unable to attack her, but also has attack debuff and will miss their attacks.

Should you pull on her? While in PVE she's not that useful, in PVP, she's borderline OP.

Also, you will soon hate Gremory, so dust off your Mika Stars - she's the best counter to Sleep. We also raised Mika Star PVP ratings with today's patch.

New Operator - Momo

Well, this came out of nowhere and most of you for sure noticed that Momo's profile was quite empty. Overall, that's because she's really niche Operator that in theory was meant to counter Healing compositions, but there are characters that passively can apply the same debuff and it lasts as long as they're alive, not only for a few seconds.

New event - Gremory's Bar

This even comes with its own shop, so ready your Eternium and prepare to clear it out!

Balance changes

We talked about the balance changes extensively in another blog post a few weeks ago. Overall only Lucid's and Kaci Bins buff's are good and they made the characters a bit better - the rest is still underwhelming.

Strategy PVP rework and other changes

Similar to balance changes, we went over the Strategy PVP rework and other QOL changes in another blog, so do check it out if you want to know more about them.