SEA Region

02/03 SEA Patch Notes - Rearm and T7 gear are here!

Published Tuesday, 01 March 2022

Another big update for the SEA region - this time it's Rearm System, T7 gear and Relic Dungeons.

02/03 New Content in SEA

  1. [System] Rearmament Unlocked! Make Xiao Lin, Yoo Mina and Irie stronger by rearming!

  2. [Achievement] A New Mission Unlocked! Deploy Expert Mercenary Yoo Mina once to get her skin Catalyst!

  3. [Event] Rearmament Support Event Unlocked! Complete missions to receive items for Kestrel Xiao Lin Rearmament!

  4. [Event] The Bamboo Forest Ship has arrived! Log in during the event to get a cute panda ship!

  5. [Attendance] Rearmament Special Punch In! (2022-03-02~2022-03-16 4:00)

  6. [Attendance] Bamboo Forest Lady's Special Gift Punch In! Punch in for 7 days to get Irie’s panda skin! (2022-03-02~2022-03-30 4:00)

  7. [Challenge] Challenge Steely Ruins, Traces of Resistance, Where Nightmares Prevail to get T7 Gear elements.

  8. [Workshop] New T7 Relic Gear Mold Unlocked!

  9. [Challenge] Chloe’s Info Search & Kim Hana's Performance Evaluation Start!

  10. [Recruit] Old Administration: Na Yubin Added to Normal Recruitment Pool!

  11. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon & Fenrir Yoo Mina Probability UP!

  12. [Shop] Added Assorted Enhancement Module Package, Basic Training Growth Package, Intensive Training Growth Package, Salary Negotiation Growth Package, and Eternium Supply Contract (30 Days) Package

  13. [Shop] Added Prime Rearmament Data (Monthly 6/6) to Exchange Center

Rearm System

Rearm is finally here! Last week it was released in the TW region and we're getting it a week later already, which is a big surprise. If you want to learn more about this system, check our Rearm guide.

While in the KR region there are like 7 Rearms employees available, we in SEA are getting just the ones that were initially released there so:

The links lead to their profiles.

Who should you Rearm first? Kestrel Xiao should be available to rearm for free if we will receive the same event as KR and TW did, but you still need to have one copy of her at level 110. Kestrel Xiao is a top-tier damage dealer that shines in Raids, DC, and Relic Dungeons.

Nest Keeper Xiao since the release dominates the Gauntlet and despite being a Tower, she can even counter Awakened Na Yubin.

Irie and Yoo Mina rearms are pretty meh, but they're cheaper to rearm due to being a lower rarity.

Relic Dungeons and T7

The latest endgame mode that was released in the KR region is here. Relic Dungeons are really hard and require specific characters and teams to beat the highest stages. And you can get T7 gears that while being pretty random if you're lucky you can get gear on par with Maze and Gordias.

Also, you will be able to upgrade Maze/Gordias/Hummingbird from T6 to T7, but this requires upgrading the gear to +10 and then using materials that are farmable in the Relic Dungeons.

Here's our Relic Dungeons guide, where you can find more details and sample teams.

Irie Bamboo skin and Panda ship

The skin and the ship were only available on the CN server at first, but now we will be able to get them too!