SEA Region

02/02 SEA patch notes!

Published Tuesday, 01 February 2022

Ministra and Spira are here! Which is not surprising, since the employees were added to the catalog last week.

02/02 New Content in SEA

  1. [Operation] New Stories of Bottom of the Shade Unlocked!

  2. [Operation] New Challenges—Chloe’s Gear Material Search & Anastasia’s Supply Maintenance Start!

  3. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Awakened Ministra Probability UP!

  4. [Event] Awakened Ministra Contract Mission Starts!

  5. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Spira!

  6. [Shop] Added Integral Ministra Update Event Classified Recruitment Package VOL. 1, 2 &3.

  7. [Shop] Added Info Special Package

  8. [Shop] Added New Gear to Gauntlet Shop

Ministra Awakened banner

Ministra is widely considered as the most broken awakened employee in the game. She can summon totems that debuff nearby enemies (-33% ATK, ASPD and Skill Haste) making her a nightmare in PVP. When her HP falls below a certain threshold, she summons a Mutated Spira that's even stronger than her normal version (nearly doubled stats and she can attack air units unlike normal Spira).

And let's not forget about the fact that she also can deal stupid amounts of damage - both her special and ultimate have the highest multiplier in the game (usually it's around 200-300%, but in her case it's over 500%).

Similar to A.Yuna, she's the ultimate carry who can win battles in the early game by herself. In any mode where there are multiple enemies - because someone must die when marked by her to summon a totem - using her drastically lowers the difficulty, because of the debuffs she brings. The only place where she isn't great are Raids and Guild Coop; everywhere else she's a beast.

In endgame PVE, she's a core unit in one of the three teams that can clear Dive 50 and probably her team has the easiest time there. Also in Relic Dungeons, she's commonly used in Titan stage, but also in the Edel stage if you decide to go the ground attack route.

She was the Queen of PVP basically since the day she was released. Lately though her usage has fallen a bit because of Replacer King and Awakened Horizon - both can easily reach the Ministra hiding in the backline and murder her. Still, despite having clear counters now, she's still borderline broken. Sadly, the top-tier pvp auto-team that she was part of is no longer usable in KR region after the recent meta shift.

Should you pull? Yes, yes, yes!

Spira Battle Pass

Spira is the best non-awakened striker in PVP because of her ability to freely attack and murder the backline. Thanks to the fog that blinds targets during her charge, she can't be countered and all you can do is watch and cry as your Awakened Ministra and Seo Yoon, who thought they're safe in the back, are slaughtered by her.

In PVE she is often used in harder content like Dive 50 or later acts of Challenge Mode.

Should you buy her BP? Yes.