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01/09 Global Patch Notes - Summer event and Steam release!

Published Wednesday, 31 August 2022

September will start strong in the Global region with the Steam client, summer event, and two new characters!

First of all, we will be changing the format of the Global patch notes review. The reason behind the change is that compared to other regions, Global server patch notes are super detailed - not only do they add descriptions for all the new stuff, but also create great-looking infographics.

Hence why the post on our website will act as a summary of the changes. but we will keep the reviews for new characters.

01/09 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 1st of September, 2022 16:00 ~ 19:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.


Steam Release

The long-awaited Steam Release is here! Also, they will release a 1000 Quartz coupon which should help those who want to reroll to have a better start.

Here is the link to the Steam page for Counter Side Global.

New event - Fateful Summer Vacation

The weather outside our windows is slowly getting gloomier with each day, but not in Counter Side! The summer event will make your heart beat faster so make sure to clear and check the story!

Compared to other regions, the event won't be split into stages, so you can instantly start farming it on the first day.

New event - 100th Day Celebration

To celebrate the 100th day since the release of Global version, a few special things were prepared:

  • 2 login calendars:

    • one with various rewards (including random SSR Coupon),

    • the other with Quartz (2250 in total),

  • event missions (that reward you with Golden Binaries, Quartz and Fusion Cores,

  • gift box event - craft gift boxes from parts you can farm in all modes and open them to get a chance to win special prizes!

  • 100 free pulls banner - as usual, you get 10 pulls a day. Here's the banner that you will be able to pull on:

New skins

13 new skins will be added to the game with this patch. You can check them all in the official Shop Updates blog post or on the Skins page on our site (filter by Vacation).

New employee - Mika Star


Mika is a supporter/debuffer hybrid with a unique ability that lowers the max HP of all enemies, which translates to them receiving less healing. Mika's issue is that she tries to do too many things: debuff, buff, deal damage, and while she can do all those things the effects are much weaker compared to a dedicated character.

Her niche is that she can counter Sleep abusing employees like Gremory that recently became really popular in the KR region. So from an employee that was a walking meme, Mika turned into an actually viable pick for weeks where Gremory is running rampant.

Initial ratings
  • PVE: D

  • PVP: C

Should you pull?

Not really - she's a really niche employee used in PVP in SEA/KR whenever the Sleep abusers crawl out of their holes, but sadly the status effect isn't meta enough to make her viable.

New employee - Lone Lee


Lone Lee is a debuffer that's great in Danger Close and Guild Coop - the 40% DEF reduction on her special seems to be the strongest debuff in the game, but it's on cooldown so it needs to be timed right.

She's not that good in PVP sadly - while her debuffs are pretty strong, they're more suited toward PVE and a pure debuffer character isn't that good in PVP.

Initial ratings
  • PVE: A

  • PVP: D

Should you pull?

Lone Lee is a great addition to your Raid team and also if you love Danger Close mode, but she's a good debuffer in other PVE modes too - so if you lack other great debuffers, getting her would help you there. Sadly, in PVP she's terrible.

New Ship - Blue Bridge Mk.2

MK2 is a top-tier ship for almost any team in both PVE and PVP. The passive SPD and ASPD on deploy make some teams on specific PVE stages work when they shouldn't normally, and its first skill heals up a small area while buffing haste. But the real deal here is the second skill - while the soldiers on their own aren't extremely strong, the fact that summons an army really tends to disrupt enemies in both PVE and PVP.

New content

  • Shadow Palace Floor 4 (our guide for that floor is coming soon!),

  • Relic Dungeons - but only room 1 in each Dungeon,

  • Left Behind event permanently added to Side Stories.

Other changes

  • Taskforce Plan - reworked newbie missions that recently were introduced in the KR region will come to Global with this patch - if you already did the old newbie missions, you will be able to re-do them and reap the new rewards!

  • Salary Negotiation Simplification - now it's a lot quicker,

  • Strategy Battle adjustments:

    • Defense squad (Defense, Revenge, NPC) deployment cost adjusted from +30% to +15%.

    • The number of blinds will change depending on your and your opponent's ranks.

  • Tower Safe Zone change in PVP - you will have to deploy Tower further away from the ship. This change won't have an as big an impact on Global compared to other regions because Global lacks very cancerous Towers,

  • Combat Equation has been improved,

  • CC RES’ calculation method and its original function have been improved,

  • A new ability, “Healing Power,” has been added.